Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Contact Michigan Gov. Granholm to Free Efrén Paredes, Jr.


We are asking people to please send e-mails, faxes, and letters to the Governor's office expressing your support for Efrén's release. Now that Efrén's public hearing is over we are urging our supporters to please send messages of support from all over the world appealing to the Governor of the State of Michigan to please grant Efrén's commutation request. Efrén's life is hanging in the balance right now and he desperately needs all the support he can receive at this very critical time.

At the end of this message you will find a sample letter you can copy and paste into e-mails or faxes you would like to send the Governor to express your support. The only modification you need to make is to the information at the end of the letter that reflects who it is addressed from. You can, of course, add more things if you wish. The letter is only intended to assist you frame a letter of your own. You can use the entire letter or only use parts of it. The decision is yours.

Two Sample Form Letters You Can Use

Click here to download a support letter you can use to copy, ask people to sign, and mail to the Governor's office. You are encouraged to copy as many letters as you can and get as many signed and mailed as possible. Asking people to sign a support letter in front of you and mailing it yourself is more effective than leaving a blank letter with someone and waiting for them to sign and mail it on their own. This is a very busy time of the year and people are understandably focused on other things.

You can mail the letters in groups of 10 or 20 at a time to defray postage costs. The letters do not have to be mailed individually. When you send large groups of letters please e-mail the TIME Committee a brief note informing them how many letters you sent and from what geographic location so they can have an idea where letters are being mailed from and how often.

Fill Out Governor's Online Opinion Form

If you would like to fill out the Governor's online opinion form you can do so by clicking on the following link:,1607,7-168-21995-65331--,00.html

In the box labeled "Issue" please insert "Efrén Paredes, Jr. Commutation Request." Underneath that box click the option "For" and then copy and paste the sample letter that appears on the next page into the "Message"section.

Leave Phone Message for Governor

If you would like to leave a telephone message for the Governor you can do so by calling one of the available phone numbers: 517-373-3400 or 517-335-7858 (Constituent Services).

If you choose to call either of the listed phone numbers you are urged to tell them you are calling to express your support for the "pending commutation request of Efren Paredes, Jr. #203116." Please leave your contact information as well and ask that your support for the commutation go on record.

Send Fax Message to Governor

If you would like to copy and paste the message and send it as a fax you can do so by faxing it to the Governor's fax number which is: 517-335-6863.

Sample Letter to the Governor

Date of Letter

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909

RE: Commutation Request of Efrén Paredes, Jr. #203116

Dear Governor Granholm:

I am writing to join the chorus of hundreds of others across the state who have expressed their full support for the release of Efrén Paredes, Jr. #203116.

Efrén has been imprisoned since age 15 and is now 35-years-old. He has a stable home to be released to, employment opportunities awaiting him, and strong support from family and friends.

I strongly believe that Efrén will be a very productive member of society and would pose no danger to anyone if released. It is my prayer that you will grant Efrén's commutation request when it arrives in your office.


Your Name
City, State, Zip Code
E-mail Address

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